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A Sporting Sunday!

A Sporting Sunday!

IAPS Regatta Practice Session

The 6.00am wake up call for our regatta crews began an epic Sunday of sporting endeavour. The National IAPS Sailing Regatta that takes place in Weymouth is a relatively new venture for us and a most welcome one. Obviously, it doesn’t actually take place in Weymouth as that would be a bit odd, but in the Solent just offshore from those golden beaches. Very much in the mould of our  sailing Olympians from the recent past, our crews jibbed and tacked through the waves like seasoned pros. It is always good to put into practice the skills learned on the nearby lake alongside the M4 during our Friday sessions, and all the more fun that this was in open water.

Flight Centre Schools Triathlon for Charity at Marlborough College

It was my privilege to watch our numerous hard core and finely-tuned athletes take part in what was an amazing day of competition. The Flight Centre Schools Triathlon is backed by Restless Development, an international development charity that puts young people at the very heart of dealing with the issues that affect them, their communities, and their countries. The competitive edge was there of course, but the focus was always on the charitable nature of the day. The whole event drew young competitors and crowds by the hundreds and a PA system kept us all informed and entertained as to how the proceedings were racing along.
Once the swimming was done, it was off to the transition arena to collect our bikes from neatly parked, rows and rows of them that would make any bike park in the largest of our cities look like a minnow. Then on went ankle strap electronic devices that looked all too much like those things you see being put on naughty people in American crime dramas but they were in fact timers. That was a relief. I was having visions of FBI agents swooping down on us like the Old Testament Assyrians onto Jersualem. The riding section was quite tough and riding on grass is never as easy as on the tarmac. There were uphill sections and downhill hair pin bends but it was tremendous fun.
Then it was off to the running stage as a relay, like the other events. Once all the runners were just about in, the teams got together to cross the line as one which was a lovely touch and made for a great photo op.

Parents and Sons Golf Competition

 Once again, spectators and competitors alike enjoyed a morning of high level and professional action both on the fairways and greens, but with the occasional foray into those areas of the site largely unexplored by anyone save the golfing fraternity and our archaeologists.  Indeed, we often come across ageing golf balls as we excavate each summer down through 2,000 years of history. Anyway, this event was one of our regular Parents and Sons Golfing competitions and an energetic time was had by all. If anyone did accidentally fire a ball slightly off course and fail to find it then we may pick it up in our geophysics or trench work during July and August.

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