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An Audience with . . . . . Aesop!

An Audience with . . . . . Aesop!

It’s not often that we have welcomed A-list celebrities from the animal world to Horris Hill but this afternoon was one of those times. We had a peacock, a stork, a tortoise, a hare, a fox and some fighting cockerels. We also had Helios, the Sun, the North Wind, a lone traveller and some guards. It was quite a party and many of these characters came straight from the imagination of that slave of old, Aesop, whose fables possibly earned him his freedom.
The production, ‘An Audience with Aesop’, put on by the brilliant and highly talented young thespians that make up the Junior Department, was stupendous. The acting was of the high order that we have come to expect from this drama company, the scenery and props were simply stunning and the costumes would not have looked out of place on the catwalks of Milan.
My thanks to all concerned; cast, crew, production team et al. A triumph!

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