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Balloon Debate

Balloon Debate

It’s becoming quite a frequent occurrence here; A-Listers turning up, I mean. On the evening before Half Term we were privileged to welcome Bear Grylls, Harry Styles and Chuck Norris, all of whom were set to speak to the school about their lives and achievements. Quite a little gathering you might think , and rather a prestigious one. But they were joined by Luke Skywalker, Austin Powers, Frodo Baggins, Dr Nick and Borat to make the evening more memorable still. Even the humble potato got in on the act. As I say; a super evening, and one to linger long in the memory.
For those who are wondering how we can attract such an eclectic cast, I must add that this was not some high level private function for the super rich and cool but the annual Horris Hill Balloon Debate, and the characters were not in fact real, but our boys in costume. However, with brilliant make-up and wholly convincing speeches, some in the audience were still a little unsure about who was real and who was actually their best friend all dressed-up.
With speeches delivered and laser-like questions from the floor it was time for the vote to see who would survive and who would be cast over the side.
Our congratulations go to Harry Styles.

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