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DIY Christmas!

DIY Christmas!

It was as though we had been time-warped over to Santa’s Lapland grotto with all his little elves hard at work creating a huge array of presents and Christmassy items, ready for the big day. Only this wasn’t Lapland, in spite of the falling snowflakes outside and the elves weren’t, well, elves. No, this was the Horris Hill Dining Room and the elves were our lads beavering away, designing and creating Christmas decorations under the supervision of several staff. We had holly a-plenty of course, as befits the derivation of the school’s name, and wreaths appeared decked out with berries and candles. Then we had mini Santa stockings, snowman and reindeer stockings, stockings with no known source, decorated Christmas boxes, Christmas stars, paper chains and more. There was glitter, glue, sticky-on googly eyes, scissors and secateurs. In tandem with all this, the Art Room  had boys designing wonderful Christmas wrapping paper and colourful Christmas candle holders.
What a super morning!

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