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Dinosaur Hunt with the Boarders

Dinosaur Hunt with the Boarders

I’m not quite sure what the climate was like down Newbury way in the Jurassic but I doubt it could have been so dank and cold as it was when our Dinosaur Hunt got underway in the woods on Sunday afternoon. Perched up on branches along fern frilled trackways or clinging to broken bark on ageing oaks, a huge array of dinosaurs was there to be found by our gallant lads. There were tyrannosaurs and raptors, plant eating sauropods and creatures that didn’t quite match up to anything in any reference book. They had all clearly migrated some distance as they helpfully had 'From China' stamped on them. Hopefully they will find their way back there one day.
With nearly a hundred to find, the Wood lads just shaded it over the Bank and Private Siders.

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