Horris Hill

Boarding and day preparatory school for boys 4-13 years

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The annual Fireworks and Barbecue Night for the school and the extended Horris Hill family of boys, staff, parents, Old Boys and friends of the school was a resounding success.
The night was clear but cold, the moon was majestic in the broken cloud and if those in charge of the barbecue coals didn’t quite have the best seats in the house, they certainly had the warmest. The night sky was lit up with starbursts, rocket trails, a vast assortment of colours that would grace any number of rainbows, together with the requisite bangs, pops and whooshes. With the display finished, the largest bonfire ever seen at Horris Hill was lit and we made our way up from the valley to the school for a barbecue treat with mulled wine, toffee apples and much, much more.
The whole event was a triumph and my thanks go to the parental/staff team of firework launching professionals who gave us all such a magnificent display and to the caterers for all their hard work looking after 300 or more of us.

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