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Boarding and day preparatory school for boys 4-13 years

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Eton Fives can be extremely fast game, but it is also a game of great skill: players practised in its subtleties and nuances will nearly always beat those who rely mainly on brute force and speed. So says the Eton Fives Association, and they're spot on! Horris Hill experienced a back to the future moment as a gallant group of four set off for the courts of St Bartholomew's in Newbury to re-instate the playing of the game by Horris Hill boys, not played since our own rather dilapidated courts made way for the construction of the Stow Building in 1999.
This was a fun undertaking and our lads gradually got to grips with the skills required to keep the rallies going. Our thanks to St Bartholomew's for allowing us to use their very smart courts.

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