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Greenham 100

Greenham 100

Horris Hill choir was honoured and privileged to be invited to perform in this remarkable event celebrating 20 years of Greenham Common being returned to the public from its use as a key American Airbase. As an airbase it saw troops from the 101st Airborne taking off for D-Day with General Eisenhower briefing them on the runway, and during the 1980s the base housed nuclear cruise missiles. To celebrate those WW2 years, the outside concert arenas were surrounded by re-enactors in GI uniform, Willys jeeps, guard posts, road blocks, vintage coaches and cars and a jazz band. To top it all, there were also stage performances showcasing dance moves of the Forties all in period costume.
It was an amazing event and a hugely ambitious and successful one. The play which underpinned the whole evening had been expertly written by our very own LAMDA teacher and our boys sang beautifully. The songs had a lovely melody to them and, when we were singing to a backdrop of the entire heathland Common bathed in a stunning setting sun, it really was magical.  

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