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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!
The first term time weekend of the year saw us hit the ground running. On Saturday evening, with the rain coming down outside in a manner last seen when Noah was alive, our 4 new gap students must have felt they had entered a different world. Fresh from the heat and sunshine of the southern hemisphere, they were now deep in mud and soaked. That didn’t hamper our headline event of the weekend, however, and the annual bash that is The January Jamboree took place with all the excitement and manic fun that such an event brings with it. With some 25 mini games, ranging from cave men proposing to their beloved, dancing waltzes, juggling fruit and doing rap performances of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star to whole colour haka challenges, the evening flew by in a whirl of fun-filled activities.
Sunday saw one of the largest trips out that we have seen for a while. Nearly 50 boys set off to watch a Premiership Rugby match. Not only was the game fast and exciting but it was good for the boys to see professional players in action. Whilst this was happening, another group was in town to see The Force Awakens, the new Start Wars movie. If the rugby trip was one of the largest trips we have had out recently then another was potentially one of the most expensive. Often boys can raid their pocket money stash to buy something from a particular venue but the trip to the London Boat Show might have stretched funds a little. Whilst some boys might have eyed-up the Terhi 385 I would have been nudging towards the Sunseeker 131. Whenever a product price is POA you know you’re sure of a bargain.
Of course, there were activities in school as well. The Lego Club was back after the break and set about manufacturing mountain huts and TIE Advanced Fighters and construction of a slightly different sort took place with our Great British Bake-off.
My thanks to all for laying on such a wide-ranging programme.

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