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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Any start to the New Year that embraces such diverse activities as cavemen proposing to their cavegirls, ballet performances that could pass off as the Bolshoi on tour, balloon bursting and improvised hakas is bound to point the way to a fun and exciting 2017. We even had a yoghurt feeding frenzy and games to test bravery and balance with cups of water. The annual January Jamboree is always fun and this year’s was no exception.
Sunday saw various groups out and about on a range of local trips and activities and the Year 8 boys were enjoying their trip to the south of France as part of their extended curriculum. Whilst they were viewing World Heritage sights, building confidence in their spoken French and eating enough crêpes to feed an army, various groups here were at a nearby ten pin bowling alley, horse riding, taking part in our very own Great British Bake Off Competition, having indoor cricket nets and having a great time with some organised mini games in the woods. It’s been a super start to 2017 and many thanks to all who contributed to this full and varied weekend.

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