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Boarding and day preparatory school for boys 4-13 years

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Horris Hill 1 - 0 Scandinavia

Horris Hill 1 - 0 Scandinavia

Waitrose does it. Blossom Cottage does it at Sainsbury’s. You can even get it from somewhere called Tillmans Fläderblomssaft, and that’s an organic version. Prices vary of course, but this exotic sounding latter establishment is from Scandinavia and is highly rated, I gather. This is Elderflower Cordial and its many incarnations. Whatever competition there is out there, it is rather outshone by our very own Horris Hill variety with only the most select flowers picked, from the most delicate and natural of locations and given personal and loving care and attention. Scandinavia might well be good at downhill skiing and producing TV crime dramas. But here at HH, we rule on Elderflower.

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