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Horris Hill Boys Welcome Hanford Girls for Annual Social

Horris Hill Boys Welcome Hanford Girls for Annual Social

The Hanford Year 8 girls arrived for the annual social all smiles and they were soon mingling and chatting away with our lads over an assortment of drinks, followed by a barbecue lunch. The sun was out, the birds were singing and all was well with the world.
And then came the rounders and water polo. Initial confidence amongst the boys as they took to the rounders’ arena soon began to wobble and then turn to full-on panic as their big lead began to evaporate. What a match and what a spectacle it was as the contest ended a well-earned tie.
But that was rounders. Now for the payback. The boys hit the pool for the water polo challenge sure in the knowledge that this was a done deal. And so it was. Sadly, they hadn’t read the script and soon goals were flying in from all angles as the girls, probably boosted by their sneaky netballing skills, cruised to victory. Then it was back for tea.
This was such a fun afternoon all round. Many thanks to everyone. 

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