Horris Hill

Boarding and day preparatory school for boys 7 - 13 years

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Horris Hill Strategy

Horris Hill has been the setting for excellence in boys’ prep school education for 130 years. This unbroken tradition has built not only a tremendous reputation for the school, but also a powerful ethos and an unrivalled body of expertise that allows the school to have the high expectations for each boy met in a supportive and collaborative way.

We believe that the period from 4 – 13 years of age are the most critical in any boy's life. These are the years where the foundations of the men they can become are laid. It is at this stage that the ideals, beliefs and values are developed which inform the character of the adult.

At such a crucial stage in their cultural development, we believe that an all-boys’ school provides the optimal setting where boys will exercise their intellectual inquisitiveness, free to explore all avenues, building self-confidence and awareness in a safe and encouraging environment.

We believe that academic success, and the staff-pupil relationships that underlie it, are most effectively created in a boarding environment, where pupils take an unusual level of responsibility for themselves, and staff have a wider web of care in which to teach. The relatively small size of the school enhances this, allowing every boy to play a full part in school life, through which he will learn how he can make a difference to his surroundings.

Our belief in the benefits of the education that Horris Hill provides is as strong as ever and the school remains at the forefront of the prep school sector. Horris Hill will continue as a boys-only school, firmly structured for full boarding, whilst integrating day pupils at the younger ages and providing a strong academic foundation for up
to 135 pupils. As we look across the current educational, economic and social landscape, we believe that the school offers its pupils an education and experience which is highly valued by many families.

The aims of Horris Hill are threefold:

To prepare boys well for entry to their senior school
• To deliver success in achieving places at the best senior schools.
• To provide a rigorous and extensive academic, musical and artistic foundation.
• To offer a wide variety of sports and extra-curricular activities, so that every boy has the opportunity to develop interests away from the classroom.
• To promote personal qualities that allows the boys to get the best from each other and their surroundings.

To maintain the unique ethos amongst the school community of boys and staff
• To encourage the boys to take responsibility for themselves and each other.
• To maintain an orderly, structured but energetic environment.
• To offer quick and individual support whenever it is needed, whether to right wrongs or to encourage creative action.

To maintain the best possible facilities, routines and staffing
• To provide the highest possible standards of catering, healthcare, accommodation and support in each of the four boarding houses.
• To keep a vibrant pupil community throughout the full week.
• To maintain high levels of staff involvement with the boarders, especially at weekends.


Marina Lund, Chairman.


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