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Jason & the Argonauts

Jason & the Argonauts

In a week when we were sailing down slopes to great acclaim in the Artemis British Inter-Schools Ski Challenge in Italy, sailing of an altogether different sort was taking place in our very own sports’ hall. Here we were transported back to those heady days before Homer when the eastern Mediterranean resounded to more missions impossible than even today’s Tom Cruise could handle.
Travelling on board an Argo on stage, wafting along with its huge modern Greek flag as a mainsail, Jason and his merry band were confronted by an array of problems in their golden quest. With lascivious crones, super heroes a-plenty, goddesses in the guise of cats, fishwives, dragon-snakes and the two most non-identical twins in Castor and Pollux that ever graced the planet, this was high grade entertainment for boys, parents, staff and friends of the school.
It always amazes me how such a professional production can be put on from scratch in what is always the shortest term. It's not as though there is a clear canvas to work with either, what with high level sporting achievements, musical extravaganzas, trips both academic and fun and, of course, work in the classroom.
My thanks to all who gave us such a wonderful evening.

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