Horris Hill

Boarding and day preparatory school for boys 4-13 years

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Senior Schools

We never forget that your son will soon be 14, then quickly 18.

 We will make sure that he makes the most of the opportunities available to him and that he has the best chance of entering one of the top senior schools.

So which senior schools do we feed?

Most boys will move on to senior boys’ boarding schools, but not all.   Our boys have gone to over 20 public schools in the past five years with our top seven being Eton, Winchester, Harrow, Radley, Charterhouse, Marlborough and Sherborne.

We will prepare your son for entry to a senior school; we will give you guidance as to which school might be the best for your son and we will ensure that the transition is as smooth and effective as possible.

  Eton College   

  Harrow School 

Marlborough College

Winchester College





Charterhouse School


  Radley College 

We have very close links with the top public schools and regularly have visits from Heads, Deputy Heads and Housemasters to give talks and to work with our boys, often before exams.  Keeping a good working relationship with these schools means that we will be able to help you choose a senior school for your son based not only on his academic ability but also on the environment he will best suit.

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