Horris Hill

Boarding and day preparatory school for boys 7 - 13 years

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Staff List

Horris Hill is one of the country’s leading prep schools: our teaching staff has to be of the highest quality.

Our boarders and day boys benefit from a common room that consists of subject-specialist teachers who also offer their expertise on the games field, their pastoral care as a tutor and their enthusiasms during activity time. 

Most staff, along with their families and dogs, are accommodated on the estate, creating a true community.

Mr G F Tollit, BA.(Hons)
Deputy Headmaster
Mr A W RendallBA.(Hons), PGCE
Head of Pastoral
Mr F J Beardmore-Gray, BA.(Hons), PGCE  
Head of Boarding
Mr S J Moss, MA.(Hons), M Litt, GTTP
Academic Deputy

Mr P J Boyle, BA.(Hons), PGCE

Teaching Staff
Mrs C Allott, BA.(Hons), PGCE  
Mr P Bates, BA,(Hons), PGCE  
Mrs J H BekkerBA (Hons) TFFL,  PGCE, Diplôme Approfondi de Langue Française, RN  
Mr R P Frost, BA.(Hons) Mus, PGCE  
Mrs J Chatfield, DipSpLD  
Mr A Gillott, BA, PGCE, LLB  
Mr P B HayesBSc.(Hons), PGCE  
Mr S J Moss, MA.(Hons), M Litt, GTTP  
Mrs J Omar, BA.(Hons), PGCE  
Mr J Salisbury, BEd (Hons)  
Mr P ShawMA.(Hons), BA.(Hons), PGCE  
Mr S J Stagg, MA.(Hons), B.Sc.  
Mr M P WiesendangerBSc.(Hons)  
Mr D J S Wood BEd. (Hons) First, Cert. PDE, NPQH  

Mr D Palmer, BSc and ACA                                   Bursar

Mrs D Power                                                          Assistant Bursar

Mrs V Page                                                             Accounts Assistant   
Mrs L Lee-Smith, BA(Hons)                                  Head of Marketing & Admissions

Mrs L Rendall, BA                                                  Admissions Assistant

Headmaster's Wife and Horris Hill Foundation
Mrs M Tollit, BA (Hons), MA, PGCE
School Secretary and Receptionist
Ms K Hutchinson  
School Nursing Team

Mr M Hale, RN, BSc (Hons)

Mrs K MorganRN (Paediatrics)


Mrs J Wiesendanger, BSc.(Hons)         Bank Boarding House
Mrs J Omar, BA (Hons), PGCE               Hill Boarding House
Mrs I Moss, MA (Hons)                          Private Side Boarding House
Mrs C Darby                                           Wood Boarding House
Mrs J Wiesendanger, BSc.(Hons)

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