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Touching the Past

Touching the Past

'The past is a foreign country : they do things differently there.' I'm not sure that The Go-Between is totally on message there as the postcard that winged its way to our door yesterday confirms. Addressed to young Samuel Derek Lees, it tells him not to worry if his parents are a little late in picking him up for the start of the Christmas holidays. That is nothing entirely new I suspect. What might be different is that Samuel Derek would have most likely been taken to Newbury station from Horris Hill by horse and cart as opposed to some swish Cabco taxi or Autolink Merc.
The first time that this postcard arrived at Horris Hill was on 19th December 1914 as shown on the date over the stamp. The second time it arrived at Horris Hill was on 18th November 2016, 102 years later. Samuel Derek went on to Winchester having played in our 1st XI football team with Douglas Jardine, who himself went on to captain the England cricket team in the infamous 'Bodyline' series.
Touching the past is fun and my huge thanks to Vanessa from Peterborough for sending it through.

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