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Weekend Update 10th-11th October

Weekend Update 10th-11th October

I suspect our boys aren’t really up with the whole Tarzan thing but they were doing some energetic and expert rope swinging and climbing in amongst the tree canopy on Saturday night as though to the jungle born. Not that Andover is a jungle of course but Tree Runners is an exciting venue nevertheless and our boys were flying along the high rope courses non-stop for hours. They arrived back at their houses having had a super time.
Sunday saw a senior group off to the MFA Bowl. Now that sounds like one of those top baseball venues in the States but it’s actually better than that. It’s the ten-pin bowling alley in Thatcham. It’s always interesting to see the different styles at work here and all proved mightily effective. Strikes were the norm, as were total air shots to be fair, and we all had a great time.
Not long after this group returned another one was shooting off, quite literally, for a spot of Laser Tagging. Newbury may be a quaint little market town, well sort of quaint, but it boasts some 21st century entertainment. The Laser Tag location is one we visit on a regular basis and its reputation for fun is well-deserved.
The Lego Club had also been in action. Clearly our lads have the edge on Giovanni di Simone and his predecessors, as the ‘Leaning Tower’ which appeared in the Junior Department certainly leaned impressively but it didn’t take nearly 200 years to construct, was built on hinges and could be packed away once the adoring crowds had left. As I say, we clearly have the edge in the engineering stakes. To cement this claim, the lads also constructed the Eiffel Tower whilst others applied their skills to some engineering electronics in the ICT Room.
For some of our boys, the closest any have come to the golden age of steam has been watching the Hogwarts Express crossing the screen at their local cinema. The trip to ‘The Watercress Line’ in Hampshire put paid to all that. In its 150th anniversary year, our Juniors experienced steam travel for real and travelled along the restored line, stopping at little stations, as though taking a steep step back in time. Whilst this was on the go, we had another group at Winchester College for a football competition.
The busy and energetic weekend came to a close with a lovely evening chapel service full of traditional hymns and the sounds of Mozart. My thanks to all.

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