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Weekend Update 10th-11th September

Weekend Update 10th-11th September

Saturday saw our first football fixtures get underway with two victories out of two and then it was one of those whole school events that underpin boarding at Horris Hill; the 'Barbecue and Spy Game Evening’.
Spies were sent out into the gathering darkness with a clear mission to re-enter the school using stealth and cunning. Everyone else had to stop them, also using stealth and cunning. As a stealth and cunning exercise it was hard to beat.
With play areas boasting a Giant Ants’ Nest and a Crocodile Crossing, Tree Top Trails and Gruffalo Sculptures, Moors Valley is just the ticket for our younger boys and they had the most super first Sunday of the school year sampling all this country park had to offer. Whilst this was going on, one large group of seniors was out and about on the water sailing and surfing at a nearby water sport centre whilst another was in town Finding Dory. That’s not because one of the lads had managed to wander off, it’s the name of the film in our local mega cinema. In house, boys were competing in a ‘Mini-Euros Football Tournament’, in spite of that Brexit vote, and this led on to the playing of various mini-games in the woods.
This was a very full, varied and vibrant first weekend and has set the tone for our weekend provision for the next 12 months. My thanks to all, boys and staff, for getting us underway in such stellar fashion.

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