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Weekend Update 12th-13th September

Weekend Update 12th-13th September

Once a year an event takes place that whets the appetite like no other. It’s a mix between the art and sophistication of MasterChef and the bush tucker spirit that underpins survival in the outback. The Ready, Steady, Cook evening on Saturday saw cooking of the highest quality, done to a variety of menus chosen, designed and printed out earlier and all was served at tables adorned with holly, flowers, coca cola and ketchup. It was a feast worthy of Belshazzar himself, and all the more enjoyable since no spooky writing appeared on the wall. After a full afternoon of football training and a swim it was just the ticket.
With summer drawing to a close and with it the summer sporting calendar, there were still echoes of Wimbledon in the air as our mothers with their sons gathered together for an afternoon of forehand smashes and subtle backspin lobs. All had a fabulous time which was rounded off with a super barbecue, whilst in the sports hall earlier there had been a well-attended indoor cricket session. With a group baking brownies, woodland walks and another swim, Sunday was every bit as packed as the previous day.
Kidzania is a new one on me. A jolly band went off to London to experience all that this new venture for us had to offer. Essentially this is a 75,000sq ft child-size city where kids are in charge. Bit like at school really, apart from the 75,000 sq ft bit. Kids at Kidzania can be pilots for the day, or surgeons or the next Ed Sheeran if they like: and open a bank account. It sounds the most amazing place on the planet.

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