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Weekend Update 14th-15th May

Weekend Update 14th-15th May

I’m not sure if you’ve ever negotiated Newbury’s car parks on a busy weekend but it’s scary stuff. You have to have eyes everywhere and cars can pop out from nooks and crannies hitherto unknown to even the most experienced. As preparation for all this in later life, a group of boys went off to Standlake Arena near Oxford to see some full-on banger racing. Arena is a slightly grand name for the venue perhaps, as it’s not quite what you see on the F1 circuit. It’s more like an oval dirt track, with JCB like machines all ready to tow away any wreck too wrecked to continue, but spins and drifts and rear-end smashes are all the rage. As I say, almost Pay & Display on a busy weekend.
While all this was going on we had another in our successful Parents & Sons Golf Competitions. All competitors are pretty professional these days and shots were hitting fairways with alarming frequency. Gone are the days when cries of ‘Fore’ were basically put on repeat over the tannoy and the eventual winners were duly acclaimed. There were other sporting events too. We had our Under 12 team playing in the Winchester College Cricket Festival and it was great to have many of our Old Boys on the sidelines supporting us on what was a super occasion. A younger group was playing cricket at our local club and we had Ten-Pin Bowlers gaining strikes and points a-plenty at our local MFA Bowl in Thatcham. Finally, we had a group at the cinema to see the latest Jungle Book.
As always, a huge thank you to all the staff for laying on such a varied and fun programme for the boys.

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