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Weekend Update 15th-16th October

Weekend Update 15th-16th October

Tree Running should be an Olympic sport. It involves the speed of the runner, the agility of the  floor exercising gymnast and the jumping ability of Tarzan. It’s a great spectator sport; or would have been this weekend save that it was conducted in the dark on Saturday evening. All the boys had those rather natty headlight sets which made the whole show look as though the Aurora Borealis had come to Andover.
Sunday saw trips in abundance. One group was skidding and sliding down the slopes of Newbury in a mountain boarding extravaganza whilst skidding and sliding of an altogether different sort was in evidence in Basingstoke with another group busy ice skating. Whilst we may have been a tad short on Triple Salchows, Lutzs and Double Axels there were clearly some very professional five year olds there who thought nothing of showing off those jumps and twirls. We did some jumps and twirls too, but not from any manual known to ice skaters.
The Parents and Sons Golf Competition that took place during Sunday afternoon is a chance for all to dust off those plus-fours, fine tune the dusty mashie niblicks and see how many holes in one can be achieved. It’s a fun event and one that can also bring out some steely determination, especially when confronted by those tricky four footers on our sometimes challenging greens. Sunday also saw boys up in the air again. This wasn’t for more Tree Running but a trip to the indoor climbing walls in Reading. Some of our boys are getting rather good at this and can negotiate their way up these steep rock faces with ease it seems.
Finally, we had a group out in Basingstoke to see professional musicians at work in a concert at the Anvil Theatre.
Once again, we have had a very busy weekend and my thanks to everyone for making it so varied and enjoyable.  

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