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Weekend Update 16th-17th January

Weekend Update 16th-17th January

Not quite a first; but almost. I think we last went as a leavers’ outing post-exams quite a while back. This time it was offered as a full-on weekend activity with the Paintballing boys setting off into the unknown with eager anticipation for an afternoon of fun.  The worry can be that clothes, even under protective garb, get splatted with paint and require super cleansing of industrial proportions but this venue has thought of all that. The ammo used in these games is 100% biodegradable, non-toxic, non-staining and it easily washes away with water. A great time was had by all.
For those wishing to emulate the feats and prowess of Walter Prager or Aksel Lund Svindal then the trip to Basingstoke was just right. To be fair, the Basingstoke slopes aren’t quite as challenging as those found at Schladming or Beaver Creek and the snow didn’t actually fall from the sky but other than that the downhill skiing was pretty much the same as that seen on all those episodes of ‘Ski Sunday’. Basingstoke council should be giving us credits in the local paper, I reckon, as another group was in the town, this time on a cinema and burger trip.
Members of the Lego Club were busy making Ninjago Garmatrons. Just on the off-chance you were wondering, Garmatrons are tracked-tyre battle machines straight from the underworld. But I suspect you knew that. In a similar vein, the Raspberry pi club boys were constructing robotic vehicles.
The weekend drew to a close with a lovely evensong in the chapel.

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