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Weekend Update 21st-22nd May

Weekend Update 21st-22nd May

What a weekend! It had just about everything. In a week that included a tornado in Cumbria, LVG being sacked and yet another set of cricket fixtures being cancelled as a result of the poor weather, it was good to see that such things didn’t put us off our stride one bit. Even the fact that Australia somehow came second in the recent Eurovison Song Contest, something that is puzzling on more than one level, did not nudge us off the straight and narrow.
Saturday evening saw the first of our two Laser Quest/Tag trips set off; this time to Newbury. Then, at the crack of dawn on Sunday, an intrepid group of budding sailors was setting off for Weymouth to do some training prior to the IAPS Regatta mid-week. Sunday morning also saw the other Laser Tag trip set off for Swindon.  The Laser experience is exhilarating and immersive with fun lurking around every corner. That’s what the promo literature claims anyway but it could equally apply to day to day life here at school, but without the weaponry.
We had a large group of rugby enthusiasts out at Twickenham on Sunday to see the London Sevens in full flow. What a super experience and the atmosphere was electric. The USA beat the All Blacks, Portugal did so badly that they have been dumped from the whole shebang for next time and somehow England managed to lose to Scotland. That Cumbrian tornado has much to answer for.
In addition to all this, we had more boys out at our local MFA Bowl in Thatcham for some bowling and the weekend closed with a reflective and lovely evening chapel service for boys, staff, parents and friends of the school.

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