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Weekend Update 21st-22nd November

Weekend Update 21st-22nd November

There have been some big contests recently. No sooner was the Webb Ellis Trophy safely back where it belonged than the world was all on edge. Would it be Justin or Adele? For a week or two it was nip and tuck with sometimes our very own songstress up there topping the bill only to be outdone, to the delight of all those Beliebers out there. Yet for all this, the real contest, the one that ignites the passions like no other, was upon us on Saturday night. I speak of the Wood v Bank football 5-a-Side challenge. With flips and back-heels, volleys and air shots, this was one for the purist.
With exams over, eleven went off to Craggy Island. That sounds like one of those Enid Blyton titles but it’s actually the venue for some hard-core indoor climbing. Since Craggy Island boasts that climbing is the ultimate stress buster, our lads returned fully relaxed and in harmony with the world at large.
I thought that state of Nirvana only came on Tuesdays and Fridays when the grub cupboard is opened up after school lunch. Anyway, our lads scooted up, along and down some of the 100 or so rope lines, 300 regularly changed climbing routes and extensive bouldering wall.
Whilst all this was going on, challenges of a different sort were in abundance at Wellington College. Our select chess players were in competition with the best in the all-day competition for schools. So many games of chess are in evidence around Horris Hill these days, from those outdoor games using jumbo-sized pieces, to the numerous boards outside the chapel or in the library. The Wood even has a Bart Simpson set. We now have chess instruction with a Grand Master so it’s little wonder we know our Ruy Lopez opener from our Fried Liver Attack. I kid you not. There is actually a move called that. If ever I learn chess, then that’s the only one for me.
Hill boys enjoyed another session of the Film Club during Sunday afternoon whilst our Lego mechanical engineering teams had been busy in the morning making supersonic spacecraft as featured in the Star Wars and Lego movies.


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