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Weekend Update 25th-26th April

Weekend Update 25th-26th April

The first weekend of the Summer Term was just about as varied and as full as any weekend could be. Several boys went down to Newbury to sample the delights of The Games Workshop, a venue full of model goblins, orcs and associated fantasy figures ready to wage war on the unwary.With characters such as Nagash, Supreme Lord of the Undead, Verminlord and a whole bevy of Horned Rats, this was a bit of an eye-opener for the staff who went along. There was an Art Workshop where boys could create exotic items such as Wish Fish Wind Socks and a Bowl ‘em Out Competition in the Sports’ Hall. Some boys went riding in the early summer sun whilst others took part in the Horris Hill Film Club.As all this was going on, the Juniors were at Beale Park to enjoy the huge range of sights and activities on offer.

Of course, it’s not only during weekends that we get out and about. This Tuesday sees a group of Seniors off to London to visit the Science Museum and the National Portrait Gallery, followed by a performance of The Woman in Black at the Fortune Theatre.

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