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Weekend Update 30th-31st May

Weekend Update 30th-31st May

It’s always good to start the weekend with a huge barbecue and the one fired up on Saturday was enjoyed by all after a good afternoon of sport. As the early summer sun began to go down over the Common and the once glowing coals were beginning to lose their warmth, the boys went back to their houses tired but content.

It’s always good to experience different cultures and architecture and Sunday saw a jolly group enjoying some of the major sights in Europe as well as immersing themselves in the kingdom of the pharaohs. Quite a tall order that, to complete in a day, but our Juniors are a keen and hardy bunch. Legoland, with its Miniland, Egyptian theme ride and more, is always a winner.

For those out there who like nothing better than experiencing the driving challenges of a supermarket car park at weekends then the Scalextric mega-session that appeared in the Music School would be just up their street, as it were. With six lanes, several nippy Porches and pit stops on offer, this was the closest our lads would have got to being F1 drivers. Cars whizzed and flew; some stayed on the tracks, some didn’t and all had a fabulous time.

Finally, we ended with another lovely evening chapel service, led by the Bishop of Manchester and we retired to houses and homes in good heart.

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