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Weekend Update 3rd-4th October

Weekend Update 3rd-4th October

It’s always good to welcome back to the school Old Boys, both from more recent years and those from years a little bit further back. Sunday saw many of our 2011 Leavers back for a lovely lunch, nostalgic tours and the obligatory kick-around on Lower Field before a special tea in the dining room.All had a great time catching up.
The evening before, the school had enjoyed another one of our Big Prize Bingo sessions. Concentration levels reached new and unimaginable heights as the tension mounted and the Stow Building resounded to shouts of ’59, the Brighton Line’, ‘All the Fours, Droopy Drawers’ and several others in similar vein.
Sunday saw a group off to do a spot of mountain boarding in town. Finding suitable mountains is quite a challenge in Newbury since it sits in a geographical hollow. But our lads are expert at this and find slopes that would daunt even the most hardened pro. Hot on the heels of this trip was another to the local driving range to hit a few hundred buckets of golf balls. It’s always quite a scary place for the beginner, as the distance signs tend to say 350 metres or 400 metres. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a 10 metres one, a 5 metres one nor, indeed, one that says ‘Gone backwards’.
Whilst all this was going on we had a group baking Christmas cakes. We like to get prepared early for such things and, like bottles of Margaux or Petrus, they will improve with a little laying down and resting, all ready for the big day. No doubt they’ll command a similar price, too.
We have several clubs at school. From Philosophy to Politics, from Chess to Drama and much in-between. It’s all here.
However, none of these addresses that fundamental problem of life; how to construct a  Ninjago Titanium Dragon. The Lego Club ticked that one off on Sunday.
It's been another busy and varied weekend. My thanks to all.

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