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Weekend Update 5th-6th March

Weekend Update 5th-6th March

There was a distinctly sporting theme to the events of this weekend with some pizza making and Lego construction thrown in for good measure. Whilst the Lego Club was constructing a T-16 Skyhopper, which we all know is one of the key air-speeders in the galaxy, and the chess team was busy showing high-end skills, the pizza chefs were busy designing and constructing their projects to high acclaim. Horris Hill may not yet challenge outlets in the piazzas of Siena or Orvieto but it can’t be far short. With their Skyhopper complete, the Lego clubbers then prepared for their Lego Brick Challenge afternoon in Basingstoke.
The weekend had got off to a flying start on Saturday evening with the annual World Cup 5-a-Side Football championships in the Sports’ Hall. Six nations from all across the globe fought it out and the eventual winners were Brazil. Fancy tricks and good sportsmanship were the hallmarks of this high-octane event in our calendar. Sunday morning saw parents and sons join forces to burn up the golf course in style in their golf tournament and a full range of grips, chips and drives were on display. Burning up a course in a rather different manner was in evidence as our young go-karters flew around the Thruxton Circuit like budding Hamiltons or Verstappens. During the afternoon we had two sevens’ teams at Oxford for a rugby tournament and a further group was out, knocking over those bowling alley skittles at our local MFA Bowl.
As I say, this weekend certainly had a sporting flavour, every bit as tantalising as those pizzas as they came out of the ovens.

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