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Weekend Update 5th-6th November

Weekend Update 5th-6th November

The annual Fireworks and Barbecue Night for the school and the extended Horris Hill family was a resounding success. The night was clear but cold, and if those in charge of the barbecue coals didn’t quite have the best seats in the house, they certainly had the warmest. The whole event was a triumph and my thanks go to the parental team of firework lighting and launching professionals who gave us all such a magnificent display.
Sunday saw various trips set off. A large group of seniors travelled to a centre near Reading for some paintballing action. Another group headed off into town to see Doctor Strange, a film involving neurosurgeons, sorcerers, alternative dimensions and the forces of evil which is quite a concoction. With dimensions tamed and evil doings thwarted, the group headed off to Pizza Hut where concoctions of a rather different order were on the menu. All came back having had a great time. Closer to home a group of budding chefs spent the morning baking up some Christmas treats and the weekend drew to a close with a lovely evening chapel service.
This has been another busy, fun and varied couple of days and my thanks go to the boys, parents and staff for all their input.

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