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Weekend Update 8th-9th October

Weekend Update 8th-9th October

It was one of those headlining events on Saturday with the annual Big Prize Bingo. Boys swarmed into the Stow Building for an evening of ‘All the Fours, Droopy Drawers’, ‘Top of the Shop’, Eighty-Six Between the Sticks’ and many more. Pencils were sharpened and concentration levels reached the red zone.
Sunday saw our Old Boys of 2012 return for a reunion. Memories flooded back over a wonderful lunch and were then reinforced with visits to the boarding houses, classrooms, playing fields and more. Once again, the obligatory game of colour football was played and those skills honed here at Horris Hill were on display for all to see.
While all this was going on we had a group out at Winchester for a football tournament and another was knocking down pins in the local bowling alley.
The weekend drew to a close with a lovely evening chapel service with the choir in fine form.
My thanks to all.

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