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Weekend Update : Hallowe'en Special

Weekend Update : Hallowe'en Special

The spectre of Hallowe’en held us in a firm and claw-like grasp on Saturday and boys were busy carving massive spooky pumpkins, decorating even spookier biscuits and cakes and the bravest Wood and Bank boys ventured down dank and dusty stone steps to the cellars under their boarding houses or had treasure hunts to find some Hallowe’en treats. While they were doing this, the Private Siders were out and about Trick or Treating.
With Hallowe’en in mind, the following day a group went off to see Spectre in town. No ghoulish enterprise this, but a visit to see the latest Bond movie. All had a great time. The Lego Club was in operation again and another group was trying their hand at knocking pins over in our local bowling alley.
But the loudest screams and groans were kept for Saturday afternoon. You might think that this was at some massive Hallowe’en party but they were the cries and groans of those Kiwi and Wallaby supporters, whether boys or their parents, watching the Rugby World Cup final on the big screen that is the Music School wall.
It has been a weekend full of fun for all and my thanks to all the staff who made it possible.

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