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Weekly Update 29th-30th April

Weekly Update 29th-30th April

Euro News
It had to happen. With the road towards Brexit firmly in our minds and with the French Elections underway on the back of those in Turkey, all things Europe have been centre stage recently. To counter any worries that Europe is destined to break up into its individual component parts completely, we started with a total breakdown with 200 hundred pieces and then set about putting Europe back together again in the Library. This was a jigsaw challenge for those in on Sunday and they delivered in super swift time.

Woodland Bushcraft
I’m not sure you can actually have a woodland bushcraft session; it’s either woodland or bush but not both. Anyway, a group headed off into an area of bush which happened to have trees in it down the hill from Horris Wood. Under close supervision, a fire was lit, a twister concoction was suitably twisted and placed over the flames and foil covered salmon kebabs were left to slow cook in the embers. It was a fun way to spend a Sunday morning.

Mothers and Sons Tennis Competition
Crandon Park, Flushing Meadows and Indian Wells all have their supporters. So too, do the Perth Arena and Roland Garros. Yet we still hold the most prestigious of tournaments, too classy for the ATP circuit, and the mothers and sons who took part on our four courts certainly displayed backhand lobs, forehand smashes and cross-court winners that stunned all who were there to witness them. There were even some shots that don’t appear in any tennis manual.

Cinema and American Diner
We have Monitors; the Galaxy has Guardians. The only difference is that our monitors haven’t had films made about them and they don’t have names like Gamora, Drax and Baby Groot. Anyway, a group set off into town to see Guardians of the Galaxy 2 at our local 7 screen venue followed by lunch in an American style diner. All had a wonderful time.

Evening Chapel
The week drew to a close with a lovely evening chapel service. With the chapel full, the choir robed up in red and with wonderful singing from all, this was a super way for the school community to get together and look ahead to a new and exciting week.
As always, my thanks to all.

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