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Weekly Update 8th May-14th May

Weekly Update 8th May-14th May

Classics Quiz

So much has been happening this week that it’s hard to select some of the highlights. I suppose that any whole school Classics Quiz that includes gods, goddesses, mosaics, gladiators and Lego figures must be right up there in the pantheon of top quizzes in the history of, well, quizzes. So it was on Friday in the Music School auditorium, and the colours battled it out in University Challenge style. This came on the back of our second Classics/History foray in as many weeks  into Roman Silchester and with it the obligatory contests in the amphitheatre.

Stock Trading

Opportunities aplenty have been coming the way of our scholars. Now that their formal exams are over they have been thrust into a varied range of projects to enhance their learning. The ICT Room has been abuzz with researching information for a History booklet to be printed professionally and brows are becoming increasingly furrowed as our lads are engaging in virtual ‘trading’ on the stock exchange through a free stock market trading schools’ education programme. It’s a fun, absorbing and educational time for them all right now. Soon they will be off to see some Shakespeare at Stratford, to sample the waters in Roman Bath and hear about magnetic monopoles at the Appleton Laboratory near Oxford. I don’t know much about monopoles, magnetic or otherwise, to be honest, but I do know that they are something of a Holy Grail amongst the scientific brotherhood.

Laser Tagging @ HH

Once again the woods here at school resounded to the whizzes, cracks and fizzes of laser tagging. This time we had coloured smoke grenades as well and running through all of this was like taking part in those rather exciting colour runs you see from time to time. Communication headsets were barking out instructions, figures were popping out from the undergrowth or charging down gulleys and everyone had a blast of a time. Literally.

Marwell Zoo

With 140 acres of zoo, exotic animals and the invitation to be Wild Explorers, Marwell delivers the goods in spades. It’s a little while since we took a group to see wildlife close up and personal, and our very own menagerie of dogs, cats, squirrels, deer, buzzards, kites, owls and woodpeckers isn’t quite the same as Marwell’s tigers, meerkats, snow leopards and pygmy hippos. There’s even a walk-through lemur loop. As you can imagine, a great time was had by all.
With our increasingly expert climbers shooting up the walls and through the grades each Sunday morning and with swims here at school, a busy week drew to a close.
As always, my thanks to all.

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