Horris Hill

Boarding and day preparatory school for boys 7 - 13 years

Message from the Headmaster

Message From the Headmaster.Horris Hill has been the setting for excellence in boys’ prep school education for almost 130 years. We have a well deserved reputation for the amazing ethos of the school, the whole school community that allows every boy to grow, and be challenged, but in a supportive environment.

The sense of stepping forward, playing your part, alongside your peers is central to our work here, particularly as the boys are at such a crucial stage in their personal development.

At the heart of this sense of community is the way in which we come together often, as a school. Everyday we sing together in chapel, eat our meals, play sport and we are well resourced for this. However, we have no dedicated theatre and lecture space. Creating this space is something I am passionate about.

Make no mistake this is a big undertaking for us. We are a small school and this is the most significant project we have undertaken. It will take the school forward for the next generation of boys and give the school the opportunity to do something truly extraordinary.

We hope that you will see the excitement, momentum and potential of this project. The vision of Architect Jonathan Tuckey and his team and our commitment to realise it is complete, but to do so we do need your help.

Giles Tollit 

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