Horris Hill History


In September 1888, 16 boys started to attend lessons at a new school in a house just south of Newbury, which had been established by Mr A.H. Evans, a Master from Winchester College.

The school quickly grew and soon established itself in the front rank of preparatory schools and this is where it remains today.  

From our foundation over 132 years ago to today, boys have been educated in an unbroken tradition that very few schools can match. And our expertise continues today.

We are privileged to be in a beautiful natural setting  of 65 acres with woods and plenty of open space. No boy will feel confined!  The school is surrounded by sports' pitches, a golf course, a kitchen garden and woods.

And what is the point of having trees and woods if they cannot be explored?

Den-building, camping and bushcraft are some of our favourite year-round activities.