Why boys only?

The straight answer is ‘Because it works’ and the evidence is the boys themselves. There is no doubt that every boy at Horris Hill achieves more in all areas. A less academic boy will have become a diligent pupil by Year 8; a less sporty one will be looking forward to his next match and a less creative one will be proud of his artwork and will be learning lines for the play.

Boys and Girls learn and develop very differently between the ages of 4 and 13.  In an age when children can be under pressure to grow up quickly, an all boys environment helps to preserve childhood. Boys here are not under pressure to "impress the girls" and instead enjoy kicking balls, playing "it", hunting for "treasure", den building, getting muddy – all things that boys love doing.

We believe that boys thrive at Horris Hill because everything we do is focussed on getting the best out of boys:


We know and understand boys. We celebrate and support them, and are not surprised by what they do. Boys respond well to very clear boundaries and firm but fair rules. 

Teaching methods

Our teachers are experts in educating boys.  We know how to keep them stimulated and use lots of practical and active methods of learning in order to ensure each individual boy maximises his full academic potential and that a love of learning is instilled at an early age.

Our lessons are deliberately 40 minutes long because we recognise that boys start to lose concentration after longer periods.  

We also give them an outdoor break time of 40 minutes every morning after three lessons: they are encouraged to have a snack, put on their trainers and then run around, kick a ball and play games on our extensive countryside grounds.   They then come back into the classroom ready to learn and concentrate again.

Our results speak for themselves and we send a high proportion of boys to academically selective schools at 13+. Our job is to teach each boy as an individual and to guide parents on selecting a senior school that will continue to help their son fulfil his potential.

Be yourself

Horris Hill boys do not have to worry whether they look "cool" or not in front of girls.  They can just be themselves.  

Sport and extra-curricular activities

Boys at Horris Hill have Sport on their timetable every day.  Competitive sport is a key part of their development with teams and coaching to suit all levels of ability.

Horris Hill can dedicate resources entirely to activities that appeal to boys e.g. Raspberry Pi, Lego, trains, bushcraft, judo, Warhammer......the list is endless.

Equally boys are comfortable in zones that are often dominated by girls in mixed schools e.g. Drama, Music, Art, Kitchen Garden and therefore learn a huge range of skills.