Horris Hill Society and Foundation

Horris Hill is immensely proud of all its boys, past and present. The strength of lifelong friendships made at school and the spirit and loyalty of our families is second to none. We hope that these pages will inform you of the various ways in which everyone can enjoy their association with the school and play a part in its future. 

The Horris Hill Society was launched in 2017 and the Horris Hill Foundation in 2018. These two endeavours are independent but interlinked and mutually supportive. The Horris Hill Society looks to build on the bonds formed at Horris Hill, through a network for friends of the school to remain in contact, meet and re-engage with each other and with the school.  

The Horris Hill Foundation supports the school in its efforts to broaden access to the exceptional education on offer at HH and to continue to develop the school’s facilities.

We are always delighted to welcome back our Old Boys and love to hear from you. Do please keep us up to date with your news and contact details by emailing society@horrishill.com.  

Chairman of the Society Guy Denison-Smith, parent of Archie, OB 2012, Harry, OB 2014 and George, OB 2020
Chairman of the Foundation Roddy Gow, OBE, OB 1960, parent of Andrew and Neil, OBs 1991
Members of the Foundation

Alice Armstrong-Scales, parent of Charlie, OB 2017 and Marcus, OB 2020

Arthur Davies, OB 2007

Nitin Gulabani, parent of Xerxes, OB 2021

Jonathan Holt, OB 1994

Michael Houghton, OB 1954

Bobby Leach, OB 1970, parent of Bert, OB 2008

Anthony Lyster, OB 1972

Henry Ricketts, OB 1981, parent of Hugo, OB 2017, Charlie and Ralph, OBs 2019

Andrew Tose, OB 1994

Jiahue Xu, sister of Harry Xu, OB 2019

Advisory Board Member Marina Lund

Guy Denison-Smith, Chairman, HH Society

Marina Lund, Chair of the Governors and Roddy Gow, Chairman of HH Foundation