Upper School Curriculum


Horris Hill aims to deliver a curriculum that is as broad as possible, without sacrificing high standards of achievement. 

There is a traditional academic rigour, for example through Classics, Advanced Maths and separate Sciences taught in an enthusiastic and inspiring way.  

All boys in the Upper School (Years 4-8) study English, Maths, Science, French, Latin, History, Geography, Religious Studies, Music, Art, Drama, Design and Technology, PSHE, Information Technology and Physical Education.  

Our boarding framework allows us more class time, starting at 8.30am and going on until 6.30pm five days a week for those in the final years, within which time we include prep, activities, music practice, tutor sessions,on top of a full timetable of 15 different subjects. The children work at school but not at home.  There is no homework at Horris Hill!

Pupils are prepared for Common Entrance or Academic Scholarship exams in Year 8, with an outstanding track record on both fronts and boys gain entry to some of the most selective schools in the country.

We also offer additional clubs and activities such as coding, debating, drama and chess.  Your son's imagination and potential will be stretched!  For further information please see School Life



We take part in local, national and international maths competitions which are designed to stretch the children's mathematical thinking and develop advanced problem solving skills. All Year 5 and 6 pupils take part in the Primary Maths Challenge.

A measure of our standard is that in 2019, Horris Hill pupils earned 3 of the 30 gold medals and book prizes awarded nationally by UKMT for the Junior Mathematical Olympiad.

In addition we enter teams into the UKMT Team Maths Challenge, qualifying and performing to a high standard at the National Final in London in 2019, one of only two prep schools to reach this level.


Upper School Routine

TIME Year 4 - 8
07:35 Full cooked Breakfast for Boarders and Day boys
in Breakfast club.
08:05 Breakfast ends. Day boy Drop off.
08:25 All in / Bell for Chapel

Headmaster’s Assembly on Monday.
Chapel: Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

08:45 Form Time / Registration
09:00 1st Lesson
09:40 2nd Lesson
10:20 3rd Lesson
11:00 Break
11:40 4th Lesson
12:20 5th Lesson
13:00 Home-cooked Lunch followed by announcements
13:35 Registration
13:40 6th lesson
14:15 7th Lesson
14:50 Change for Games 
15:00 Games
16:10 Games ends
16:20 Showers and Cocoa
16:30 8th Lesson for Years 4 - 8 
17:00 First Supper for Years 4 - 5; Prep for Years 6 - 8
17:30 Day boys in Years 4 - 5 Home time (1)
Break / Rest / Choir / Catch-up / Tutorials
17:55 Outside Bell for second Supper
18:00 Second Supper / Music Practice 
18:30 Day boys go home