We embrace traditional hands-on techniques, supported by expert guidance, giving boys a firm grounding in DT to take on to their senior school.  DT scholarships are available at some senior schools, and any boy interested in pursuing this route is fully supported with portfolio preparation.

What is the DT programme?

It begins with simple shapes, such as boats and fish to teach basic making skills using hand tools; skills are continually repeated in further projects to enable them to be perfected as far as possible.

Further skills that require more control and strength are progressively introduced. Development is mostly iterative, although some preparation in the form of design sketching takes place from Year 6.

The aim is that the programme provides a solid foundation for senior schools, with pupils familiar with all the common materials, tools and processes they will be using as well as skills relating to good working practice, health and safety and a respect for the impact of their design work on other people and the environment.