About Us

Welcome to Horris Hill

We are a small school, with big ambition!  We are ambitious for our pupils, their development, academic attainment and welfare.  For over 130 years, Horris Hill has been committed to provide an outstanding education, in a nurturing environment where children can achieve consistently brilliant results. Today, we continue to deliver this commitment and provide each individual pupil with the tools they need to grow and succeed; academically and creatively.

Whilst our results speak for themselves and we are fortunate to send a high proportion of pupils to academically selective schools at 13+, a Horris Hill education goes beyond the classroom.  Our job is to prepare pupils for the world beyond education, to teach each pupil as an individual and to guide parents on selecting a senior school that will continue to help their child become the best version of themselves.

Horris Hill benefits from a wonderfully dedicated, passionate and experienced staff.  Our staff are the foundation of our community and are at the core of our success.  Their passion to deliver excellence in education, including education outside the classroom, sets Horris Hill apart.

In 2021, Forfar Education became the new owners of the school.  Since Summer 2021, the Group have made significant investment in Horris Hill and will continue to do so over the coming months and years.  To read about the investment and development programme, click here. 


Aerial image of Horris Hill Prep School