Our Boarding Houses

We have three boarding houses.  Each house is run by a dedicated team led by a Housemaster and Housemother, supported by the resident staff. pupils are assigned to their boarding houses by age and are given a say in who they share a room with.

Our youngest boarding house is 'The Hill' and this sleeps the Year 4 and 5 children.  The Hill is within the main school building and has a lovely, cosy feel to it.  Pupils in The Hill get their first experience of boarding in a gently structured, fun and welcoming house.

'Wood' is for older boys and is also in the heart of the school grounds.  As the children are a little older they have a slightly later bedtime, giving them more time to relax and play games in their common room or very own games room. 

In Years 7 and 8 boarders are assigned to our senior boarding house, 'The Bank'.  The Bank has a dedicated team of Housemasters and Housemothers. Boarders experience a little more freedom. They are expected to take more responsibility for themselves and to show an even greater degree of organisation. They are encouraged to relax and wind down towards the end of the day in a setting not unlike a senior school boarding house. The house is situated slightly away from the main school buildings, surrounded by woodland or gardens, allowing pupils to leave schoolwork behind.  

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