Pastoral Care

A Supportive and Nurturing Environment

We are fortunate to enjoy an incredibly kind community where staff are supportive and nurturing.  In creating this environment, each pupil can freely develop in to their own self and gain confidence and independence. 

Outstanding pastoral care is one of the major strengths of the school.  We have an experienced pastoral team, led by tutors, who make a positive and effective contribution to the pupils’ educational standards and personal growth.  Our staff ensure that each child is given the opportunity to shine, thereby developing confidence, a sense of achievement and belonging. 

At Horris Hill School, we strive for excellence in education and an extension to the academic teaching is guiding pupils to behave well, to be kind, respectful and tolerant. 

Our Medical Provision

We have a fully qualified Paediatric Nurse who lives on site and is on duty from 8am - 6pm Monday to Saturday.  Outside these hours we have dedicated Resident House Matrons, with a paediatric First Aid qualification, who can provide assistance to pupils who are unwell.  

During school hours we have a purpose-built medical centre, where pupils are looked after if they are feeling under the weather, need emotional support, or have had a bump on the sports field.  Within the Boarding Houses, our Resident House Matrons are on call from 5.30pm until 9am to attend to children.  


Food and nutrition is an important part of school life; it is the favourite part of the day for many!  We know that if we want children to perform to their best, then they must look forward to meal times and never go hungry.

We cater for all allergies and dietary requirements.  Please ensure this is discussed with the School Nurse and form tutor prior to starting.