SEN at Horris Hill

At Horris Hill we are committed to providing an inclusive environment in which all children are valued as individuals. We have high aspirations for our children to achieve their best and become confident individuals living fulfilling lives. Our aspirations apply to all children, including those who may have additional needs.

We identify and provide support across the wide range of Special Educational needs a child may have. These additional needs may take the form of physical and sensory needs, communication and interaction difficulties, social and emotional difficulties or cognition and learning difficulties.

We strive to deliver an inclusive curriculum that removes barriers to learning and participation by providing an education that is appropriate to all pupils’ needs through Quality First Teaching.

In some cases, children may require additional support beyond what can be offered in whole class teaching. This can include a targeted, one-to-one or small-group intervention to provide the intensive focus required for the child to make progress. This is generally on a short-term basis, with the aim of the reintegration of support back into the class.

For more information, please contact our SENCo Mrs Amanda Seymour at

About Our SENCo

Mrs Seymour’s passion for SEN started from the beginnings of her teaching degree. She graduated with a first class BEd Hons in 1996, and has worked in SENCo roles since 2015, gaining her SENCo accreditation from Winchester University in 2018.

She has worked in primary schools with a wide variety of needs, both in teaching roles and as a Foundation Stage co-ordinator. She has a wealth of experience, working with pupils with a diverse range of needs.

Outside of work she enjoys spending time with her family of three boys and has a passion for the outdoors, including walking, running, cycling, wild swimming and gardening.