The School Week

Your child will certainly be guaranteed a busy and fulfilling week at Horris Hill School!

What better way to start the day than with a full tummy? Boarders (and day pupils if they wish) enjoy a cooked breakfast each morning. If day pupils wish to eat breakfast at home, they are dropped at school for 8.05am. At 8.25am, the bell signals the start of the school day. 

At 8.30am, pupils either attend assembly or Chapel, with form time registration at 8.45am and lessons starting at 9am.

A morning break is given at 11am, followed by lessons until 1pm, at which point pupils join together in the dining hall to be served a home-cooked lunch.

After afternoon registration, lessons continue until 2.50pm when pupils change for games and play until 4.10pm. They are rewarded for their sporting efforts with cocoa before their final lesson of the day.

Those remaining in school after 5.30pm enjoy a break and may have music practice, a supportive tutorial, catch up with a tutor or sing in a choir.

Supper for those in Years 5, 6, 7 and 8 is served at 6pm.

All day pupils leave by 6.30pm.

Saturday school is compulsory for children in Years 5 and above. The morning includes academic lessons, whilst the afternoon is given over to sporting fixtures.