The Wild Child Charter

We encourage children to explore their environment in order to develop healthy bodies and minds, encourage social skills, improve motivation and concentration and develop a respect for the natural world. The natural environment is used to stimulate imagination, creativity and investigation. They will learn to work independently and also in groups. This offers the children the opportunity to take risks, take care and take responsibility whilst having fun.

For children in the Lower School, we have created the Horris Hill Wild Child Charter. The charter sets out what we believe are the key experiences of a natural childhood. We believe our Lower School children should have had all these experiences before they move into Upper School Transition at Year 3. These Outdoor Education sessions are all year round and include activities such as building dens, toasting marshmallows over camp fires and exploring our woodland (also affectionately known as "Spain" as it is shaped like the country Spain when seen from an aerial view – so, if your child comes home saying they spent the day in Spain, they are telling the truth!)