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A Parent's Perspective

Horris Hill is what prep school should be all about. The Masters know each and every child individually. All boys have the chance to shine. They are taught to think and to apply themselves, not to just pass their end of prep school exams. They go to their senior schools with a skill set that is unique – the ability to be confident and to thrive.

The chess or the maths champion is lauded as much as the captain of swimming or football. Horris Hill epitomises everything that is what education should be about. It gives them a moral compass and it gives them the ability to rationalise the challenges of growing up in the modern world with fundamentally decent values. It is a caring, nurturing, supportive environment where everybody has the chance to reach their potential.

As Parents, We Love...

  • Horris Hill nurtures and delivers a rounded, competent, confident child.
  • They are supported academically to appreciate each and every subject for its merits rather than just the facts.
  • On the sports field they are encouraged to play as a team, so the sum of the parts exceeds the individual capability. Therefore, every team member is valued and contributes to the success of each individual team and therefore the school.

Our Children Love...

  • The freedom to run around in 65 acres - to try new things – like scaling the oldest tree with a rope! Joining the sailing team, the shooting team, the climbing team.
  • Getting to sign up every day to do your favourite activity. Exploring your passion for solving issues in the DT department. As a mathematician going to the championships or simply enjoying grub (sweets) once a week.
  • Kindness and doing your best which is what Horris Hill is all about!