Boarding builds confidence, friendships and develops independence – as well as being a huge amount of fun!

Boarding at Horris Hill School gives pupils an opportunity to gain some away-from-home experience in a safe and comfortable environment – invaluable if you are considering a boarding senior school for your child.

We firmly believe in the benefits of a nurturing boarding environment and experience.  Children learn to live as part of a community; it builds up their self-confidence, independence and organisation skills and make strong friendships across year groups. 

There is absolutely no pressure for children to board.  However, all pupils benefit from the boarding ethos, with the additional layer of wonderful community spirit and wrap around care that it provides.

Pupils can board from Year 3.  They start their boarding experience with transitional boarding, with a limited number of days spent overnight at school.  As children move through the year groups, they have additional options of flexi, weekly and full boarding.

We also offer ad-hoc boarding for 1–2 nights, ideal for unexpected commitments, offering convenience and peace of mind for parents.

Boarding lounge

Girls boarding

Boys boarding