School aims

To maintain the unique ethos amongst the school community of children and staff

  • To encourage children to take responsibility for themselves and each other.
  • To maintain an orderly, structured but energetic environment.
  • To offer quick and individual support whenever it is needed, whether to right wrongs or to encourage creative action.

To prepare pupils well for entry to their Senior School

  • To deliver success in achieving first choice places at senior schools.
  • To provide a rigorous and extensive academic, musical and artistic foundation.
  • To offer a wide variety of sports and extra-curricular activities, so that every child has the opportunity to develop interests away from the classroom.
  • To promote personal qualities that allows the children to get the best from each other and their surroundings.

To maintain the best possible facilities, routines and staffing

  • To provide the highest possible standards of support for all children throughout the day and in each of the boarding houses.