The Creative Arts

Performance, whether in music or drama, will certainly build confidence and enthusiasm in your child. Horris Hill pupils have enthusiasm and confidence in abundance and regularly win performance scholarships to public schools.

We measure success in a number of ways. One of these is to look at the enthusiasm our pupils have for performing. Almost all our pupils take individual music lessons as well as class music in our purpose-built Music School. Your child will have many opportunities to act, sing, or dance during their time at school in our formal productions and concerts, in the weekly form assemblies, or even our regular talent shows.


At Horris Hill School we are very fortunate to have one of the finest Preparatory Music Schools in the country. The Music Department is housed in modern, purpose-built premises comprising a chamber performance arena equipped with a grand piano, 23 practice rooms plus a computer and recording room. Most pupils learn at least one musical instrument and take part in a variety of vocal and instrumental ensembles.

We have a Chapel choir for which pupils must audition plus Orchestra, Jazz Group, String Group, Double Bass Group, Clarinet & Saxophone Group, Flute Group, Brass Group, Percussion Group and Guitar Group.

For one-to-one lessons we have visiting teachers.


Whether your child is a natural performer or not, they will certainly be involved in our performances. Maybe your child will be involved with the scenery, the lighting or even the sound effects - or maybe they will be playing a central part! Drama plays a key role in developing confidence. Whatever career path they choose in later life, confidence for public-speaking and team spirit will be all-important.

Our pupils enjoy weekly Drama and LAMDA sessions with professionals from the Watermill Theatre.


We are fortunate to have a fabulous art room where pupils are inspired to develop their creative talents using a wealth of different materials.

They each have their own sketch book and work on a range of different projects following different artists and themes. The children are encouraged to develop their understanding of the elements of colour, texture, line, tone, pattern, shape and form, thus building confidence and life-long appreciation of art.

We also have our own clay room with a kiln, printing press and have computers in the art room for design purposes.

Those wishing to pursue art scholarships for their chosen senior schools are well-prepared and fully supported with portfolio preparation.

Design Technology

We embrace traditional hands-on techniques, supported by expert guidance, giving children a firm grounding in DT to take on to their senior school. DT scholarships are available at some senior schools, and any boy interested in pursuing this route is fully supported with portfolio preparation.

The DT programme begins with simple shapes, such as boats and fish to teach basic making skills using hand tools; skills are continually repeated in further projects to enable them to be perfected as far as possible.

Further skills that require more control and strength are progressively introduced. Development is mostly iterative, although some preparation in the form of design sketching takes place from Year 6.

The aim is that the programme provides a solid foundation for senior schools, with pupils familiar with all the common materials, tools and processes they will be using as well as skills relating to good working practice, health and safety and a respect for the impact of their design work on other people and the environment.